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In 2019 the University of Pretoria spent hundreds of thousands (more likely millions) on “renovations” to the formerly popular “Oom Gert’s”, despite petitions signed by thousands of students asking UP to refrain from doing so. This is one of many cases where UP ignores the needs of the students. In the aforementioned situation, the students voiced their satisfaction with “Oom Gert’s”, but the issue of parking was still evident - yet UP decided to ignore this. The money spent on such renovations could have been put aside to later develop existing parking spaces into multi-story parking.
The parking facilities available near campus can be seen each day to be full to such an extent that students wait in lines outside the gates to get a parking. The parking offered at LC is problematic as LC itself is far (which means students have to carry all their belongings with them), the bus shuttles are less than efficient (often late) and drop-off on campus is the furthest point away from the venues used by most students.  Students are subjected to fines by the TMPD, lateness, unsafe parking, etc.
With the arrival of the new students, parking has become even more scarce.

We want UP to acknowledge the problems related to parking.