justice for algebra

justice for algebra

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jacob Smith

We want to achieve justice for the students of Ms Ware’s tyranny of the subject of math. We’ve had enough of her rule and her bad teaching. Not once has anyone learned anything from her classroom. We are forced to go to outside sources in order to get value from the subject of math.

If you are needing proof for our cause listen to our reasons for need of change.

- More than 80% of the people I’ve interviewed have reported that this class is the most miserable for them

- She has used the r slur on multiple occasions and we have an entire classroom of witnesses

- She’s missed multiple days and not left anything of value in the form of things too learn

- She bashes her students for trying their hardest but coming up short

- She refuses to give answers to questions that inconvenience her

- She messes up multiple times on the math problems she is trying to teach us. We shouldn’t have an educator who needs to be educated.

These are all the main reasons as to our wanting her firing. She’s done more and has had more complaints but these are the only ones worthy of mentioning. So now I ask you, how will you make a change in order to help your fellow peers of Rock Hill high school.

166 have signed. Let’s get to 200!