Demand Loyola University Chicago Make A Statement About Rapist Ben Holm


Demand Loyola University Chicago Make A Statement About Rapist Ben Holm

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Ash N started this petition to President Joanne Rooney Loyola University Chicago

For three years, rapist Ben Holm walked the Loyola University Chicago campus - and now that he has been convicted, Loyola University Chicago is silent. 


"In April 2013, Johns Creek police told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik a 15-year-old girl and three friends went to an underage drinking party inside the upscale Country Club of the South neighborhood. 

Police said Ben Holm, then 18 and a senior at Johns Creek High School, provided vodka to the teen and then walked her to a nearby playground.

“After a few minutes her three friends became alarmed and went out to find her,” said Capt. Chris Byers.

Byers said that’s when they found Holm on top of the drunk teen.

“Her pants were down and they observed the sexual assault [rape] taking place and heard her clearly saying ‘no, stop,’” he said.

Byers said the girl’s parents took her to the hospital because she was extremely intoxicated, and during an examination the doctor found evidence of a sexual assault [rape]." (source: WSB-TV Atlanta) 

Students at Loyola University Chicago are disgusted by the institution's actions and do not feel safe on campus - the administration's silence is only making things worse. 


  1. We are calling Loyola University Chicago to make a statement apologizing for its lack of transparency in the case of Ben Holm (AS OF DECEMBER 16 LOYOLA HAS BROKE ITS SILENCE. ADMINISTRATION SENT AN EMAIL TO THE LOYOLA COMMUNITY.) 
  2. We are also calling for Loyola University Chicago educate students and faculty about rape culture and sexual violence.

Please sign this petition. We demand clarity and honesty from Loyola!


This petition made change with 26,483 supporters!

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