Petition to stop our Headmaster Mr​.​Parimal Bhattacharya's transfer

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No doubt our headmaster of Jadavpur Vidyapith Sir Parimal Bhattacharya has played a huge role in development of school following every instruction given by our West Bengal Government. His contribution also included the advancement of studies as well as upgrade in many fields.

As per declaration our school Jadavpur Vidyapith had started to distribute 2kgs of rice and 2kgs of potatoes instead of mid day meal to the students from 11:00am maintaining proper regulations and restrictions. But very few guardians ( 2 or 3) who are suffering from some health hazards or personal problems brought their children to school. But a well known media of West Bengal telecasted it in a manner which negatively reflected the contributions of our honorable headmaster Sir Parimal Bhattacharya. This incident has caused a negative impact on our headmaster and he is transferred to an another school. Justifying the whole matter it reveals that it had occurred for some guardians who have confessed their fault.If this occurred I assure you that our school will break down and an innocent headmaster as well as a teacher will be punished along with his students for no reason.

I hope students of Jadavpur Vidyapith support this petition. Kindly comment below your real name and tell us about your view in this case.