Request to conduct the Semester Examination in Offline Mode or Hybrid Mode

Request to conduct the Semester Examination in Offline Mode or Hybrid Mode

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Students of CMS Business School - Jain University Bangalore and

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We the students of CMS Business School - Jain Deemed-to-be University, we write this on behalf of all the students. Our examination is scheduled for 19th Jan, 2022. The mode of examination is offline as per the decision made by the university. We prefer only the Offline mode of examination because of the fact that if exams are conducted only in "Online mode" - not all of us have good internet connection , supporting devices in different locations and bandwidth . These bandwidth and network or technical issues will surely arise because of the fact that we attend the exams in different conditions and in different situations . Its not the same exam experience for all of us . So , we request you to kindly go with the offline mode of exam conduction as planned by the University . 

Speaking of Online-batch Students , you can consider them also . Not a problem . If for their sake means , Yes we can have online exams as well. Like , in a hybrid mode. We can conduct in both Offline and Online mode . But , Please dont neglect the "Offline-Mode Examination"

The Government of Karnataka has also sent a notice stating that the university exams can be of hybrid mode conducting most of the academic events offline , and if required , will go with online as well . To avoid the present situation affect our results and our education long term, we humbly request for our exams to be conducted in offline mode or hybrid mode. We assure you that we will follow all the necessary rules & guidelines and all the safety precautions in the offline examination.

There are so many issues we face : when the exam is conducted online . We wont able to submit the answer script in time because of the technical & network issues because of weather conditions . Sometimes , we don't receive the Question paper properly . Also , it is disturbing when the staffs keeps on calling out the student names to switch on their camera or unmute for attendance while we all are writing the exams . Additionally , submitting the answer script in the given link has been a  big problem for all of us since not all of our mobile browsers support all features. We may face lagging issues . It usually creates more stress and pressure for us when it comes for Online mode exams.

We are very much worried that our academic knowledge , our hardwork , our efforts and our results will be ruined because of this Online mode Exams .(due to technical or network issues ) 

We desire to have only OFFLINE EXAM experience where we feel more comfortable , feasible in terms of setup and the satisfaction when we write there and submit the answer scripts physically there-itself immediately after completion . Thus , we can avoid the Camera Clarity issues or Scanning Issues using our Mobile which may affect our marks.

Kindly, Please consider our humble request for the same. We strongly believe that the offline mode of exams will ensure the best exam experience for all the other students as well as the teachers. We hope for a positive response. Either Only Offline mode Exams or Hybrid Mode ( both Offline and Online mode ). Both are fine with us.

38 have signed. Let’s get to 50!