Allow New Jersey high school sports to be played through the Summer

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COVID-19 took away a lot from students this year. The seniors are gonna miss out on a lot like prom, having their senior night and playing their last ever game, seeing their friends and favorite teachers for one last time, and walking the stage for graduation but signing this petition can change that.

The future of the school year is unknown for now but if they do close for the rest of this school year that means that the spring season would be cut short and that’s disappointing for the seniors. Their spring season just consisted of a week of practices without even any scrimmages or games. Fall sports start preseason in August so why can spring sports be played through the summer too? 

Signing this petition will give a lot of students hope and something to look forward to, this will show us that everything will be better soon. For people who are gonna say that there is always next year and it’s just a sport, please understand some students looked forward to this for months, and this is the last time seniors will ever have a chance to represent their school and their town. Some parents might never see their kids play ever again but this gives them a chance to. Some many students love sports and make so many memories and everything can be taken away just like that.

Please sign this before the decision is made. Thank you for taking the time to read this!