Freedom to use Personal Technology

Freedom to use Personal Technology

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Riot Dunn started this petition to Junior Student of SHS Riot Dunn and

Unfortunately, Splendora ISD has almost entirely banned the use of Cell Phones for students. The purpose of this petition is to get our personal technology rights back!

We understand that they took our phone privileges  because of Drama and other stuff , But let’s be honest here, That sort of thing can’t be prevented . Even if you take our phone privileges from us In school, It will just cause bigger problems outside of school.

Not to mention we believe the district is only doing this for “Image.” We believe they want to be able to look at people and tell them “Oh well our school doesn’t actually allow phones!!!”

Here Are some reasons people such as myself are against the No phones rule & why they should allow Their usage:

1. We are unable to contact our parents if they want to make sure we are okay or if we are in trouble

2. A few students have claimed that they “Feel like they are being controlled” and that school feels like a “Prison”

3. Kids with Social Anxiety, Depression, ADD, ADHD, Etc have claimed that it’s easier for them to concentrate on school work when they listen to their music. Some have also claimed that they try to avoid social contact in the hallways. Some say crowds can  make them anxious, so they like to play music in their earbuds when walking to class.

4. There are many kids (NOT JUST WOMEN) that are very self conscious about how they look & appear to others. Even though there are mirrors in the bathrooms, We barely have enough time between classes to go and check ourselves and if there’s something that we may think is wrong (Like hair being messed up weird, makeup being smeared, etc.) we have no time to fix it. I myself used to use my phone to check and make sure nothing was wrong with my hair or makeup but now I can’t. Young men also may use their phones to check their hair or acne.

5. The school has run just fine with phones for years!!!

We also understand that in the Student Code of Conduct it says something along the lines of “Students should not be using their cellular devices during the academic time period,” but if you read just a little bit further it mentions that they are not permitted unless allowed by an instructor, which in this case, Teachers have been told they are not allowed to authorize the use of cell phones in their classrooms at all.

We understand that The Highschool principal is just trying to do her job but we believe she misinterpreted the rule last week on Friday, August 13 in front of all the students. She claimed that in the student code of conduct they were not allowed at all.

Students no longer feel safe or happy at school and are constantly worried about other problems, rather than their work. This needs to be put to an end and the adults in the district need to realize that this generation grew up using our phones as an educational tool, so we should be allowed to use them as such. This is a new age and it isn’t the same as when they were in school. They need to learn that this generation practically runs on technology & taking it from us is just like taking away their right to learn.

We are Gen-Z and we know no limits! Let’s get this rule changed “Expeditiously!”

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