Free Parking at UTD

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Dear fellow classmates, friends and community,    

We are students at the University of Texas at Dallas. We strongly and passionately believe students should not have to worry or pay for parking permits and tickets. We have witnessed many students who are more stressed out about parking violations than their classes, tuition, and book prices. We are already struggling to pay for our tuition, and parking tickets should not be one of those struggles. In fact, the parking office shouldn't let tickets accumulate to so much money. The parking regulation violates students safety to freely park where they feel safe to park. 

Students have dodged going to class before because they were worried about parking. Ludacris sounding, some students are late to class because they spend over fifteen minutes to find a parking space when there are available Purple, Orange parking. Do universities help students, or hurt them?

From the very beginning, before the University of Texas at Dallas decided to use the 3 tickets/boot rule that began in July 2016, we were furious with the fact that we even had to pay hundreds of dollars just to park our car for an hour or two. 

Richland College part of the Dallas County Community College District has free parking, and their system works out perfectly.

Points: Rosa Park, a black female who was told she had to go sit towards the back of the bus because of her color. Students with low income are basically told to park towards the end of the parking lot because they may not have the money to pay for a closer parking spot. 

Imagine: A student who was sexually assaulted or harassed either on a bus or while walking was told by the parking office "If you cannot afford to park at UTD then take the bus or walk".

We don't want our fellow classmates and professors students to be restricted and feel like they have no freedom to park where they want to. 

UTD gives students 2 weeks grace period, and people still managed to park. So please join us by signing this petition, to begin this journey to free parking at UTD. 

Let freedom begin!