Students Demand Governor Of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari To Resign

Students Demand Governor Of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari To Resign

3 June 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Yash Modi

Our Country has crossed almost 200K+ Covid-19 Cases, Maharastra being the worst affected State, Hon. Chief Minister has Stated to Cancel all the Final Year Exams in the State keeping in mind the Current Situation.

Hon. Governor of Maharashtra, Mr. Bhagat Singh Koshyari is opposing this Decision as he has 'Turned a Blind Eye' to the Current Situation & Wants to Politicise this Issue by risking the lives of 800K+ Students in Maharashtra, Being a responsible Governor, Can he address the solution to situation we're facing?

Respected Sir, I feel you need to understand the magnitude of this situation we students are facing because of an inappropriate situation that has been created by Your Irresponsible Behaviour & Opposition of the Decision made by the Hon. Chief Minister, This has left the Final Year Students present as well as the future hanging by the cliff, I would like to make some points that could help you better understand the situation we students are facing :

1)-Final Years Students had been waiting for almost 90+ Days for a decision to be made by you, In return when the decision was been made by the Hon. Chief Minister to Cancel the Final Year Examinations by  keeping current situation in mind and for the safety of their lives, Why are You opposing the decision? 90+ Days and still after looking at the current situation you can't make a decision in favour of the Students?

2)-Final Year Students are under immense pressure as half the portion was incomplete & you're planning to conduct our exams in the month of July? There would be heavy rains, With daily increase in no of Covid-19 cases the state is preparing for the worst how can you even think of conducting exams?

3)-If You are keen to conduct the Final Year Examinations during this Pandemic, We Final Year Students aren't immune to Covid-19 & Godforbid if any of the student gets infected with Covid-19 then will You take the responsibility for his treatement & Incase if any student looses his life fighting to Coronavirus, Or any of his family member gets infected or scumbs to Coronavirus then will You be ready to pay huge amounts as compensation for treatements as well as losses? Sir, Our lives aren't as cheap as you think they might be & probably You would never be able to afford the cost of our lives!

4)-How is the Mumbai University planning to conduct the Final Year Examinations in the month of July owing to the fact that many students have traveled back to their hometowns without adequate study materials & travelling back in the month of July wont be a easy task as this can lead to overcrowding in Trains & A
mockery of social distancing? The same applies for Monsoon Rains that hit Mumbai every year & the situation is not hidden to anyone that how much
worst it can get in Mumbai!

5)-We students are under mental stress & immense pressure, We are loosing our precious time, 3 or 4 Year Cources have been extended due to an inappropriate decision made by you to conduct our exams keeping in mind the current situation, This is practically impossible & We have no surety about our jobs & delayed results will lead to direct competition with our Juniors for the Jobs, Will You take the responsibility of our Jobs?

6)-We Students would've supported your Decision if we belonged to political, film, wealthy backgrounds, But the sad reality is that 99% of us students belong to middle class, lower middle class & poor families where our parents invest their hard earned money & life savings to get us educated so that we in future get jobs, We have our families to take care of & all of this is for survival!
Many of the families are facing with financial instability & we are unable to lend a helping hand to help our families earn bread & butter during by repaying them during this crisis!

I hope you can understand the difficulties we students have been facing.

Sir, We Students Open Heartedly Welcome & Support Hon. Cheif Ministers Decision, Hope being a Hon. Governor of Maharashtra, You keeping Politics aside Support the Decision.

If we don't see the support of our Hon. Governor in this Decision, We Students United will ask for your Resignation!

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Signatures: 5,459Next Goal: 7,500
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