Change Cooler hours back to regular weekend times (until 2:30am)

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The Cooler has changed its hours on weekends to only be open until 11:30pm. Unfortunately, this leads to several problems for both Oxy students and the community. Students studying late at night now don’t have access to food after 11:30pm. In addition to this, students who choose to go out on weekends and drink, now do not have a place to buy food on campus when they return. This will lead many students to getting in their cars while under the influence to drive to Jack-In-the-Box or any other “close” fast good chain to grab some late night eats. With an increase in drunk drivers on the road, it puts the entire Eagle Rock community in danger. Without a safe place for Oxy students to come back to within a timely fashion, it will result in more students staying out later, being on the streets more, getting into trouble and potentially putting themselves and others in danger. We ask that you please reconsider this decision and return the cooler to regular hours of operation.