Cancel Re-Examination of CBSE Math Paper

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The Central Board of Secondary Education has ordered re-examination for 10 Std. Mathematics Paper (Code 041) on the account of paper leak. 

This is disappointing and highly dissatisfying to students who had worked really hard for their success. 

At this point, it is also worth to mention the mental and social damage CBSE has done to students of batch 2017-18 by reverting the curriculum to entire syllabus. Many students have questioned the Board as to why appr. 17 lakh students have to pay the price for the deficiency of one or two examiners. 

The announcement of Retest has sent a wave of similar opinions across India. 

The students had given similar opinions of the conducted exam that it had been easy, direct and in-syllabus. Conducting another exam, that too after a week’s time, after the French Exam, would cause disruptions to many students abroad who are looking forward to higher studies options in India. It is also not hard for us to believe that the CBSE will make it 10 times harder if a retest is being conducted. In Bahrain itself we have a good amount of students, who along with their families have cancelled their visas to continue education in India. Taking this decision, would mean that  the CBSE does not give consideration to the NRIs, which is unacceptable.

Moreover, I question the CBSE as to why lakhs of innocent students need to pay the price for the incompetency of the Board! Let me also make it clear that schools are not your "experiment labs" and we students aren't mere onjects for you to experiment your theories on. Our future and career is at stake and you are responsible for it.

Therefore, I, on behalf of many other students, request you to sign this petition and share it with your friends to stop The CBSE from conducting a reexamination as well as experimenting on the Country’s Future. 

Thank you 

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