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Started by Mecho M

CBSE as introduced have already conducted its one of its secondary education exam that is term 1.The main issue here is for term 1 CBSE have provided time more than 4 months and as for as term 2 , CBSE have just given 2 months with 50 percent of syllabus to be completed and to be revised and exam to be taken regarding it. 

CBSE ppl are just cause mental stress of the students and even the postponement of the exam will be a mess to the students future because extending exam can be closer to other entrance exams. And by chance if even those entrance exams get postponement the students life is just a mess. 

It's a serious concern to the students of our nation to please sign this petition and let the higher authorities have a reach of this. Conducting these exam is neither beneficial to students and institutions. Even with 12 hours preparation a day can't help students out of this situation. And class 12 and class 10 portions are so vast that cannot be completed so quick and be easier to memorize. 

Wish everyone including parents and teachers and students sign this petition and make the higher authorities know every individual is not same. People differ there studying time differs, planning differs and due to covid many have suffered tremendous mental stress, so please help out. As every student have different caliber few many be ready but whole is not and who aren't ready please sign this petition as soon as possible! 

Thank you 

Jai hind


1,400 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!