CALL TO ACTION: Manifesto of environmental change Rhodes University, Makhanda

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Dear friend,

We need your help. We, as representatives of the Makhanda community,  want to call upon the university to start taking action towards a more sustainable future. We have compiled a manifesto of action areas that we believe the university can, and should, develop. In short, it concerns recycling, no single-use plastic, and environmental education. Please help us by signing this petition in support of the manifesto!

1. Recycling

•Sustainable and responsible waste management practices
•Makhanda has a waste management crisis
•Support local initiatives
•Combine recycling initiatives with education, teach people what can and can not be recycled
Support the recycling chain from source to disposal

2. No more single-use plastics

•Get rid of:
Plastic bottles with the Rhodes logo
Plastic cups and utensils
•Promote the use of glass or reusable bottles
•Start a "bring your own" initiative or
•Provide more environmentally-friendly option like bamboo cutlery.
Reduce waste by refusing single-use products

3. Environmental education

•Start environmental education initiatives at residences on campus
•Short training courses for reps concerning sustainable and environmentally friendly practices
•Create a Rhodes webpage containing tips, information and other helpful resources about sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.
Environmental education is key! 

Please forward the link to your friends and colleagues in Makhanda and at Rhodes University to help build momentum and create a community that supports meaningful and positive environmental change!