For the Resignation of Chancellor Kent Syverud

For the Resignation of Chancellor Kent Syverud

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A Concerned Student started this petition to Students at Syracuse University

Every semester, our campus is ignited by a controversy involving racism, sexual bias or the marginalization of our communities. Every semester, these controversies mobilize students to speak up, create forums and host conversations to find solutions. Every semester, these concerns are met by administrators who promise change and vow to create a "safe, diverse and inclusive campus".

Despite consistent activist efforts from students, these changes have yet to come.

As Chancellor of Syracuse University since 2014, Kent Syverud has presided over numerous campus controversies and incidents, which include:

- Sit-ins after closing the Advocacy Center (2014)

- Discontent after opting not to compile the Committee Z Report (2014)

- Protests after cuts to some programs, such as Posse scholarships (2016)

- Protests following the Theta Tau incident (2018)

- A forum about the Ackerman Avenue Assault (2019)

Not only have these painful incidents continued to occur, but communication between leadership and the student body has consistently been corrupt or non-existent.

Most recently, reports of hateful slurs being written on the bathroom walls of Day Hall have ignited the campus once again. Reports tell us that administrators were notified, but told students not to spread photos or videos of the incident. They said it was to protect the home of students, but based on past actions, it was more likely done as a move to protect the university from any accountability.

This lack of transparency and communication has shown students that "decisions are made to protect the university as an institution and that may not be in the best interest of faculty, students and staff." While students have spoken, protested and marched for 5-years, the recurrence of these incidents prove that administration is not equipped to deliver on the promise of a safe and inclusive campus.

We deserve a Chancellor who values the experience of students and faculty over breaking fundraising goals or completing massive infrastructure projects.

We deserve a Chancellor that is an active voice in our community, who genuinely responds to the concerns and needs of students.

We deserve a Chancellor with integrity, who delivers on his promises.

Right now, Syracuse University lacks that. That said, this petition calls for the resignation of Kent Syverud.

So that all students present and future can feel safe and included on this campus.




0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!