Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College

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Given the extenuating circumstances around the world currently due to COVID-19 Grand Rapids Community College has taken their education to distance learning until April 3rd and potentially even longer.  Due to this circumstance Grand Rapids Community College should move to make all classes this winter 2020 semester to credit / no credit.  The classes this semester should have no barring on students GPA. The reason for this is as follows:

1. Some students may have difficulty learning online, versus face to face learning.  Students sign up for face to face classes as they believe that is the best form of learning and success for them.

2.  Some students may lack the required materials to conduct their learning online. 

3.  Students may not feel as prepared going into finals week this semester.  This will result in lower GPA's for students.

4. Some students are in hands on classes and/or labs that can not be fully carried out online.

GPA's are extremely important when students are looking to transfer to four year universities, find employment after their degrees and start internships.  Making classes credit and no credit will allow students to carry out the semester without having their GPA poorly impacted. 

Administration at Grand Rapids Community College, I truly hope that you consider this request, as we are looking to you in order to get through this hardship and ensure our success.


A concerned student at Grand Rapids Community College