Restore various non-academic "honor cords" to the WHS graduation ceremony regalia

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Wyoming High School has decided to discontinue non-academic "honor cords".  Students participate in various clubs, groups, and classes for many reasons, but whatever the reason, these all take a large amount of time.  Where it's a class, the class takes more than normal classes.  Where it is a club or group, these clubs and groups enrich the lives of not only students, but all of the Wyoming community.  From blood drives organized by the Key Club, to productions put on by the theater company, to student council advocating for WHS students, these groups are part of the fabric of WHS.  These classes, clubs, and groups enrich of the high school experience, they provide a place to find common cause and to create bonds not only between students, but between students and the wider community as a whole.

The class of 2018 deserves recognition for the effort and hard work they've put into these non-academic pursuits.  A simple cord may seem trivial, but to the graduate explaining to family and friends what each represents after the graduation ceremony or at their graduation open house, these cords represent accomplishment.  They represent a time of their life that they COULD have taken the easier route by NOT participating, but they DID participate, and they deserve official recognition of that participation.  They deserve more than "will all of the members of <INSERT CLUB NAME> stand up" and receiving momentary applause.  They deserve a tangible, physical token of not only the school's appreciation for their contributions, but for what they've added to the community of Wyoming High School. 

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