Campus Supervisors: Accountability and Order in the Halls of Burnsville High School

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To the entire ISD 191 Community,

To maintain an orderly learning environment at Burnsville High School, Campus Supervisors are an important component. Functioning similarly to grooves alongside a winding country road, Campus Supervisors guide students who may not have the energy, desire, or attention to get to their next destination. They keep the halls that span throughout our learning environment quietclear, orderly and safe. Unfortunately, our Campus Supervisors are not respected and often the administration fails to support them with appropriate disciplinary action. 

Key Issues:

  • The School Board has been presented with the proposal to lay off Campus Supervisors as of April 12th, and the decision remains up for grabs until the budget is voted on in June. Campus Supervisors play a key role in our learning environment and we demand that they stay apart of it. If the School Board cannot make room in the budget to keep our hallways orderly and safe, can they make room in the budget to pay for the lawsuits and medical fees that will accompany the disorderly conduct that is bound to follow? As a student, I can certainly attest that without Campus Supervisors the amount of students out of class during passing time will fluctuate
  • Campus Supervisors are granted no respect from insubordinate students. It is quite apparent that particular students have no respect for any staff member or elder, but it is even more so relevant when speaking of Campus Supervisors. They are often alone with students in the hallway, which makes students prone to use racial slurscussmock, and run from Campus Supervisors. They do not listen to Campus Supervisors, and if they do, students are simply sent to the "Fire-Up Room." The Fire-Up Room is a joke, folks. It's meant to be a punishment, or "detention." It's become the cool place for insubordinate kids to hang out. Repeat offenders are rarely sent home, suspended, or punished in any form and therefore have no respect for Campus Supervisors who often monitor the room. They can be seen coming and going as they wish from the Fire-Up Room, yet shockingly never en route to class.
  • As previously touched on, there are few policies in place that prevent insubordination in our hallways. Reading through the handbook, few of these policies are enforced or completely followed through. Campus Supervisors are not respected because students know that there punishment (or lack of) is 100% worth the enjoyment and freedom of insubordination!
  • Cause and effect: if students do not want to go to class, they will roam the halls. When students roam the halls, disorderly conduct occurs. Fighting, screaming, shoving, and running are a common occurrence on campus. Sending students who refuse to go to class home will reduce the amount of police calls to service and will keep the role of Campus Supervisor to just that - supervision.
  • The removal of insubordinate students, along with greater discipline, is guaranteed to reduce the number of negative news stories a high school can have in just one school year!

By signing, you show your support of the important role that Campus Supervisors play throughout Burnsville High School. We demand policies be put into place and enforced that protectsupport, and most importantly keep our Campus Supervisors in our hallways. We also demandzero-tolerance policy with repetitive insubordination, and to remove insubordinate students from our schools. 

Thank you,

Trevor Dostal, Burnsville High School Junior

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  • Take care of our teachers! They deal with plenty of the issues that Campus Supervisors must. Settle the contract dispute!
  • The title Campus Supervisor is, at times throughout, used to represent not only campus supervisors, but teachers, school resource officers, administration, and other staff who may be in or monitoring the hallway throughout the day.
  • No school staff were involved in the production of this petition.
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