College Mess shouldn't be compulsory!

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Hello everyone, In Most of the institutes in india, Mess is compulsory for hostellites. For the food, Students are supposed to pay the fees on the first day itself.

But, the quality of food they provide isn't worth the price paid. So, students should get the right to choose the food they want to eat.

Basically, it's not the secret anymore that to get the tender, the owner of mess has to pay huge amount to institutes. So to recover the investment and for gaining more profit they consistently degrade the quality of food and use dirty tactics like adding soda in food to make it less consumbale.

For an average student, protien required everyday is..

Protien (gm) = Students weight (kg)  *  2.

Do they really get even 10% of it?



1. Students will have the right to choose the place to eat, Mess owners will definitely improve their food quality to gain more customers.

2. Because of the competition prices of food will decrese. So, all Students can afford the food.

3. Mess food is not hygienic at all .So, foodpoisoning happens most of time.

My humble request to all of you is ,sign this petition and destroy the tradition.

Thank You!