Petition for issuance of student beep™ cards on LRT and MRT

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According to the recent forecast of Numbeo, Manila today is being considered as having fifth the worst traffic in the world by traffic index ranking. Hence, the usage of mass transportation systems, such as the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) is taken as an alleviative, if not alternative, means of transportation by the citizens. As we all know, there are multiple problems about the LRT and MRT that affects all those concerned — the sudden stops, the slow travel, the long lines, and other failures and breakdowns that is alarmingly becoming attached to the citizens’ everyday endeavors. Nevertheless, most commuters still prefer LRT and MRT as a means of transportation, rather than facing the heavy traffic of Manila roads.

All the railway transport systems throughout Manila is known to run along the vicinity of different campuses, which implies a huge portion of everyday commuters being composed of students. While Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) including the railway transport systems are already mandated by the S. B. No. 1597, also known as the “Student Fare Discount Act”, to grant 20% discount from the regular fare, no definite enforcement has been administered by the authorities to grant the students the same discount in both LRT and MRT.

Other countries have already provided discounts for the students. In fact, in Europe, a company called Eurail provides 20% discount for passengers under the age of 27. Eurail is a company that facilitates rail travels by collaborating with railing companies, and is not a railway company by itself. Meanwhile, in New Jersey, students are given a discount by buying their student pass and signing in their school. In United Kingdom, there's this thing called the 16-25 Railcard. The benefits of this Railcard are helpful for students in the the Great Britain are of the UK. According to the organization itself, the 16-25 Railcard costs 30 euros which is valid throughout the year, and it will save the students 190 Euros in transportation. If other countries can afford to provide student discounts, then there is no reason why our country cannot.

Right now, there is an existing Concessionary Cards for Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). Concessionary Cards are exclusive beep™ cards that are registered and named for a particular SC or PWD. It follows a different fare matrix which is lower in price than that of the regular beep™ card, as it aimed to provide necessary discount for Concessionary persons. A Concessionary person is someone who is eligible under Philippine law to avail of discounted fares in Transport establishments. As defined in the Student Fare Discount Act, we, the students, are eligible Concessionary persons.

We are petitioning for the availability and issuance of the student beep™ cards for both the LRT and MRT. As the future leaders of our homeland, the students should experience the right treatment the Government is compelled to provide. We are pushing this case through so that students, especially those who are on a fixed allowance, will also be able to avail the discount. In this way, we are providing the students an opportunity to give room to their other financial needs, and thus, assist them in their academic life.

This is a call that applies to both the MRT and LRT. We are proposing a solution of providing the students an exclusive beep™ card of their own, having to undergo the same availing process as the Concessionary Cards of SCs and PWD, which can be found on the Article 3 of the Terms and Conditions of beep™. This beep™ card should also follow the demands of the Student Fare Discount Act relevant to the fare matrix to be issued. However, in this matter, we also want to incorporate an annual validation of studentship.

It’s about time we prioritize the welfare of our future leaders. Every sign is a stepping stone to a better Philippines, and we hope for your vital participation. Thank you!


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