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I am calling on consumers in Australia to support the ACCC's call for more funding from the government to fight for consumers against the corporate rogues who repeatedly and deliberately breach the Australian Consumer Law.

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims has called for more funding to fight arrogant companies who currently breach the Australian Consumer Law with impunity. A new penalty regime of a minimum of $10m per breach means that the ACCC now has real teeth to make a difference to consumers. The problem is a lack of funding to increase the number of investigators. What is the point of legislators getting serious about penalties and then not properly resourcing the body that will take the action to have those penalties applied?

There is a huge opportunity for the ACCC to become cash positive if they get the startup funding and if the fines paid by rogue businesses go into the ACCC cofferes, not general revenue. They have been extremely successful in previous litigation, with Ford and Telstra fined $10m and Apple fined $9m. These fines are going to increase dramatically.

Consumers of lemon vehicles, particularly lemon recreational vehicles have suffered badly at the hands of an industry totally out of control. We need the ACCC to start prosecuting those who have been systemically breaching the ACL with impunity. Prosecuting just one, Jayco, is not enough as the other 100+ manufacturers know they can get away with anything. The ACCC needs funding urgently to take on at least another one or two to show the industry they mean business.

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