Don’t allow those involved in group chat at Warwick Uni back. Say No To Violence on Campus

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Last year, an infamous group chat was made at Warwick. Included in this was direct threats of rape to female students on campus, racist & antisemitic language. After much outrage the university responded by claiming the men involved had been given 10 year bans and even some for life. However, this has turned out to not be true. In fact, there are some planning on returning in October 2019. As a Warwick student, I am outraged and upset that my safety on campus is being disregarded for the future of privileged students. It is never acceptable to threaten to rape and mutiliate women- these same women will be expected to be on campus with men who think that about them. Warwick is wanting to rehabilitate men who have no desire to be. In a recent second group chat the men have admitted they would do it all again. Warwick is supposed to be a diverse community that welcomes and embraces students of colour, women and those of all faiths. This is in direct violation of it. Warwick uni are brazen enough to claim they have a dignity on campus programme. But where is the dignity in harassment? Where is the dignity in racism and anti-semitism? These are not acceptable in places of work so why should students be expected to endure it? Do our lives not matter?