We oppose ANY 'dive' (mid-point tunnel construction) site in Annandale or Camperdown

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The construction of the 'dive' site at Camperdown will see the movement of over 110 heavy trucks EVERY day up Johnston Street Annandale.

These trucks will produce deadly amounts of diesel particulates polluting 3 schools, 2 pre-schools, 2 aged care homes + hundreds of small business & residents.

  1. The permanent relocation of Hanson Concrete & other like industries to Glebe Island will mean these trucks will become a permanent feature in Annandale.
  2. If Stage 3 Westconnex is allowed to proceed Annandale & surrounds will see a minimum of 700 truck movements EVERY day!
  3. The residents of Annandale will lose their quality of life!
  4. It is anticipated by health experts that the increase in pollution caused solely by Westconnex will lead to an extra 3000 plus deaths per year from cardio/ pulmonary and brain disease.
  5. Initial results from pollution monitors at 2 sites in Haberfield already show an alarming trend in 2.5 and 10 micron paticulates caused by consruction in the area.