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Stop the geese being shot in Rodley and Horsforth

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All shootings of geese in Rodley and Horsforth and the surrounding areas should be prohibited.

Geese are encouraged to come due to the wetlands area. Because of this they should be protected and not shot. Even if the geese are causing 'alleged' damage humane ways should be considered in moving them from any farmers land. This has never been considered.

Shooting geese in Rodley and Horsforth  is putting the health and safety of the general public at serious risk. Shootings have taken place next to the canal, near to houseboats and residential properties and next to paths. Shootings have been witnessed by the public and has caused significant distress. There is also a significant risk of injured birds falling from the sky and injurying a member or members of the public. Due to the strong opposition of the shootings people are trying to prevent them from occurring and this again is putting people and the general public at serious risk of injury.

Because of the above its very much felt that gun licensing laws have been breached and serious health and safety risks are being caused to the general public.

The geese in Rodley and Horsforth are loved and enjoyed by many people who use the canal from children to dog walkers, joggers, cyclists and walkers.

Lets make Rodley and Horsforth  a safe place for the geese and see if a designated area can be created where they will be protected and never shot again.

By signing this petition we are asking for MPs, councillors, the council, the police and farmers to get together to discuss and agree in making sure no further shootings take place and ensure that the general public are safe.