Stop Pick of the Litter Practices

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Please sign and share this petition in an attempt to stop the inhumane, unethical, abusive and neglectful practices we feel are present at Pick of the Litter Pet Store in the Southpark Mall, Strongsville, Ohio. The majority of the puppies, dogs, kittens and cats present are housed in fish tanks with wood shavings as bedding, and water bottles similar to rodent water feeders. There are often three animals housed in one tank, or older dogs unable to turn around in their confined area. 

A dog was placed on display in the store while trying to nurse and care for her litter. A female cat is continually caged, bred repeatedly, and forced to rear her young in a display case over and over again.

There have been numerous videos taken of puppies unable to be roused from what appears to be a drug-induced deep sleep. 

Many customers who have purchased puppies from this store have reported grievous medical issues, and have encumbered very large veterinary bills as a result. There have even been reports of deaths due to either poor breeding practices or a lack of proper medical attention while at this pet store. One puppy had a leg wrapped in electrical tape while on display and available for purchase.

There have been many reports of falsified records in regard to vaccinations, ages,  and breed. Laws state that the the owner, Tom Collins, must provide detailed and accurate information as to the origin of these animals, and he has repeatedly failed to do so. Collins has admitted to purchasing from large volume breeders, otherwise known as puppy mills. Also, unanswered questions have been raised regarding where the animals go if they are not purchased. We have concerns that the unsold pets are being sent back into the breeding pool.

Housing animals in fish tanks, even those stacked upon one another as they are in this store, is legal in Ohio. It is not, however, acceptable to those of us speaking for the vulnerable animals.

Collins claims he is a rescue advocate and that he "saves" animal's lives. Reputable rescues do not engage in the practice of breeding, or the support of dog auctions or puppy mills. Collins admits he works directly with breeders. Therefore, he significantly contributes to Ohio's rank as number 2 on the Humane Society of the United States'  list of the worst puppy mill states in the country.  True rescues do not profit from the sale of animals as Collins does. Adoption fees charged by legitimate 501c3 organizations barely cover the cost of the care and rehabilitation of rescued animals.

Furthermore, neuter of all animals before adoption is practiced by all responsible rescue groups. Collins exhibits extreme disregard for the future of the animals he sells; never neutering nor providing referrals for those purchasing unaltered animals. This also poses the threat of future over-breeding. 

Collins livelihood is based on the suffering and exploitation of innocent, defenseless animals. Animals are a commodity at Pick of the Litter. He preys on unaware customers by charging exorbitant prices while failing to provide information or  presenting misinformation. 

Collins has been investigated many times over the years, but has avoided prosecution due to the very lax USDA and Ohio laws, regulations and guidelines that govern breeding and housing.

We are asking that Strongsville City Council, and Southpark mall leasing, management and owners strongly consider available options to this animal exploitation and cruelty. We would like to see a non renewal of this business' lease. Progressive cities across our country are banning the sale of purposefully bred dogs and cats, and only allowing the adoption of rescue animals in their pet stores. We hope that Strongsville will consider adopting this compassionate policy as well. Nearly 7 million animals enter US shelters annually, and about half of them will  not make it out alive. Adopt don't shop. Please help by signing this petition, and sharing. Thank you.