Punishment for woman who beat her dog horribly & left him tied up & helpless in a dumpster

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A cruel  woman by the name of Maria Isabel Riquelma Romero from Chile beat an innocent animal horrendously, tied him up, and left him for dead in a dumpster. The baby clung to life as a worker at a dump in Rancaqua, Chili heard his wimpers and saw movement from a bag. What he found was heartbreaking. A scared, tied up, bloody, beaten dog. He was transported to vet but was unsavable due to a blow to the head that took a chunk of his brain, broken hip, severe external & internal bleeding, and several injuries through out the body. I am asking, I am begging, I am pleading that this isnt just a slap on the wrist. The extense of this horrific crime is deserving of a much greater punishment so I'm asking to petition to change the laws to ensure that every animal abuser or killer recieves a just maximum punishment. Killing any form of innocence in this world with such cruelty should not be taken lightly. Thank you for your time.