Stricter law towards animal cruelty

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Did you read about the horrific case of Bindu. Bindu was the lactating mother dog at Kandivali, Thakur Complex, where a watchman, Prem Rai (40), had brutally killed her by shoving a rod into her private parts. Over 80% of Bindu's intestines had spilled out due to this attack. You are cringing just reading this. Imagine the poor dog who must have gone through excruciating pain and her puppies left motherless. 

Oscar was another poor dog, just a puppy whose paws were cut off and he was left to die.

What happens to the offender. Nothing much actually. Maybe a fine of Rs 10 or may be imprisonment for 2 years. Clearly and very evidently, the laws towards animals are clearly archaic and need to change to be more stricter. Even if a pet animal is killed the fine is Rs. 10 Onwards and imprisonment of 2-5 years.

To avoid having more Bindus and Oscars from getting so inhumanely killed, there needs to be stricter laws to deter such practices. Please help towards this cause by signing this petition.