Allow stress echo testing of high risk asymptomatic patients

Allow stress echo testing of high risk asymptomatic patients

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ISSUE: Proposed new Medicare changes, if approved, will NOT permit stress testing unless you already have concerning chest pain.

AIM OF PETITION: Allow stress echo testing for early detection of heart disease if you have significant risk factors including diabetes, previous heart disease (stents, bypass) and family history of premature heart disease even if asymptomatic (no chest pain).

BACKGROUND: It is known that certain patient groups either do not have symptoms, do not recognise symptoms or have very atypical symptoms not fulfilling new proposed requirements. Potential groups that will be disadvantaged include women, diabetics, senior citizens and people with English as a second language.

We have an excellent Healthcare system and believe in the appropriate use of Medicare. The decision to perform a stress echo test and determine reasonable testing intervals should be based on safe internationally recognised medical guidelines. 

ACT NOW: Please vote and leave a comment especially if you are a patient or relative that may be effected or you are involved with patient care. Please share this petition with friends,family and co-workers before it is too late.

Also discuss with your local Member of Parliament.

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