Stress free India

Stress free India

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rajan khaneja started this petition to The Department for Health and Social Care and

What are the top needs,wants,requirements to be required to make India stress free country?

Any guess?

We spent some time over it with a list of 30 things or needs that affect every person.After refining all of them we were shocked on the outcome.People in india want to earn more  Because they want to save more why ?

Below are 3 basic things that can make 136.64 crore people (population of India) 

  • more happier 
  • little less stress
  • less unemployed
  • more focused
  • more olympic medals
  • show their hidden talents
  • Happiest country in world

so what are these 3 Basic Needs ?


why people want to earn more ? 
Reason1 is to admit their children in top private english medium schools .

No matter how good government model schools teach.People always want their child to be fitted in a school which is higher in status and socially acceptable no matter if it cost way higher than their financial ability.Parents work day night making them more STRESSED .


This change will start with a Command from top authorities to bottom.All the Minister MLA and every public government servant should be only allowed to teach their children in government schools only.

with this strict action Govt. schools will become 

  • Result driven
  • More focused by government authorities 
  • Good in sports 
  • technically more advance
  • better in education 

Does it looks like difficult task for govt?

we don’t things will not require more thousands of crores to be invested in schools rather the budget that Is allotted by Govt. will now became more efficiently utilised as children of govt. officers are studying in same schools.


Now, number 2

         2. Free Health and hospital services(NO PRIVATE HOSPITALS)

Another reason why people want more savings is because they want to provide their family and elders best hospital facilities in any emergency 

where they will get these facilities?

In private hospitals

Is the budget given to health ministry isn’t enough to provide good facilities in civil/govt. hospital ? 


The fault is in the utilisation of that budget 


Again very simple and same answer you all can guess!

yes by only restricting government officials and their families Treatment in civil hospitals only .By this way people will trust more on civil hospitals rather than private and government officials will focus more on making them better place to get treatment.

That leads to stress free INDIA


Third and last one

             3.LIMITED GUEST MARRIAGES(limiting marriage expenditure)

A very obvious reason why people want to earn more in India is because they have to spend handsome amount of money on their children’s marriages and in India most of the is spent by bride family which is the major reason for abortion out of which 11.5 million (73%) were done through medical methods outside facilities.

India witnesses one of the highest female infanticide incidents in the world making INDIA top stressed country


limiting 50 people/guests in marriages

That leads to less expense on Marriages along with that local police should closely focus on any dowry activity happing in area ..

these 3 basic needs aren’t difficult to achieve but only if top authorities want their Country happy and stress free @narendramodi @ramnathkobind

help us to make you all happy .signing and sharing of this petition can really help

Thank you








0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!