Innocent Dog Burnt Alive for selfies and Fun

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Meet "Tigris" who was burnt alive by using blow torch by some local boys in India to make a "musically" video 

Two days Before When I was in a Get together with my friends heard a loud moaning noise of a dog near by (it's like asking for help) soon we stopped everything and went down to look where it came from, one of my friend Nasha spotted a group of boys standing at the very end of the street who were posing for selfies and making videos but very soon we realized that it's not just a "selfie group" there we saw 7 middle aged boys with smartphones in their hand torturing a dog with blowtorch and making fun of it the have told that (in local language) "akka  video eduthutu irukom thalli nillu" (Don't disturb us we are making video) with the help of our friends we had managed to rescue the dog from those boys and collected all their mobile phones to warn their parents , 

when we had a look on tigris we were shocked his neck was chocked with a steel wire and all his legs were tied up one of those boys had used to torcher him with blow torch and rest of them were making videos its terrible when we released him from that choke he can't walk and he was afraid of us but we don't wanted to leave him like that so that taken him to the nearby shelter in our area (SDS)

SDS was a private animal shelter in our area which was owned and maintained by local students which is headed by "Guru"(Guruprasad) with kindness and love they received that dog and given him a tag name "Tigris"  after some first aid they had taken him to a separate room where several test are made to decide what was his condition now we had waited to know what happened to him after an hour Dr.raja chief surgeon in sds returned to us and said that Tigris have second degree burns and multiple fractures in his neck (neck chocked with steel wire) and his respiratory system also affected with a heart full of sorrow we left the shelter as it was late night 

Two days after i had visited SDS today They had told that we can cure his burns and heal his legs but the steel wire which tied his necks had made multiple minute fractures on his neck portion so that he can't turn his neck and can't get a proper respiratory function and need to get an Immediate surgery which can't be done there 

The surgery had to be done In the Nearby Vet hospital in our locality "SKS Veterinary Hospital" But there Nothing will be Free ,an rough estimate of  Tigris's surgery will cost upto $700 (with Post surgery care ) so Lets Donate and aid SDS In their way of Saving "Tigris"

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