Dog stabbed in eye and attacked with acid

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Meet Nebu the brave stray dog who was stabbed in his eye and attacked with acid while in his attempt to save a girl from goons 

last friday a gang of 3 men was about to kill a women for her  jewels  when one of the woman's friend came to her rescue. the gang tried to kill the friend also, "Nebu" (named after the incident)  a stray dog came between the women and the goons and used to bit them to shove them away. but that merciless gang stabbed nebu with knifes and and attacked him with acid by sprinkling it all over his body  and escaped from the spot as the people around the place woke-up.few hours later that local goons where identified by using the CCTV cam around the street and arrested by the police, but what happened to nebu is unbearable  

Nebu got very seriously stabbed especially  in his eyes and acid burns all over the body immediately i had called my friends at SDS (street dog shelter) to help "Nebu" (am volunteering there for last few months) immediately a team headed by Rajan came there and what they told is "my god please save this kid" because Rajan sees that Nebu's injuries are deeper  and acid burns are severe then without wasting a minute they took "nebu" with them in their vehicle to the nearby vet (care and cure pet clinic of trici ) 

A day after (sunday) I had visited SDS to ask about Nebu's condition but what they said shocked me the deadly stabbing from that gang of goons had affected Nebu's eye which may cause him loose his eye  and on the other hand he have a severe acid burns which may cause him unbearable pain, guru the head of SDS says that the chief surgen at Care and cure suggests them to remove his affected eye so that they can stop internal bleeding the surgery would cost upto $950 + $300 post surgery care for Nebu 

Street dog shelter is a small and local organisation which was being run bu students and working teenagers studying all over India and works in a thin margin of donations and volunteers so that it is impossible for street dog shelter to have some huge funds to spend for a single dog because they have almost 320 dogs to take care of in their shelter so that placing this appeal on before you all who are signing this petition to donate $1 or more towards "nebu's " surgery fund to aid street dog shelter and save "Nebu the brave Dog"

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