Improve street crossing safety in front of Wood Ranch Elementary School

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As most community members and parents of children attending Wood Ranch Elementary know, the parking and crossing of the street to drop off and pick up children can be stressful and hectic during the school year, especially on the corner of Alcove and Circle Knoll.  At any given day over 100 children could use this unmarked area to cross the street to ret to school.  That's over 100 little lives we need to insure have a safe crossing area to get to school.

Here is some background: The current speed limit is a 35 mph zone and 25 mph zone when children are present.  However, over the past years we have witnessed, numerous vehicles approaching that section far above the suggested limit, including several near close, possibly fatal, collisions from vehicle to child. The nearest warning sign when heading East towards the school on Circle knoll is not only faded by the sun, but also blocked by tree branches and not very visible unless you know it's there.  There is no safe crossing zone, no speed hump to slow approaching traffic from the left, no flashing lights, noting to really get the attention of approaching traffic when children are present.

Analyzing the data: If you analyze pedestrians hit by vehicles at 20 mph and 30 mph, it is found that at 20 mph, or at the typical speed limit in school zones in the US, roughly 5% of pedestrians would not survive a vehicular collision, and that goes up among fragile bodies (children and elders). To break that down, a 5% fatality rate means 1 out of 20 individuals would die.  

The picture changes dramatically at 30 mph; just 10 mph more.  The death rate jumps to 45%. A full 9 out of 20 people would die. Game over. No take backs, no do-overs. Just dead.

The Solution: We, as community members and parents, are requiring a well marked school crosswalk system with advanced warning signs at the corner of Circle Knoll and Alcove Street to insure the safe crossing of children attending Wood Ranch Elementary. 

Possible ways would be:

  • Establish a safe crossing zone (crosswalk area) on the corner of Circle Knoll and Alcove by the use of a state approved "In-Street Yield" Sign - see attached. 
  • Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon clearly visible to all approaching traffic with a safe crossing zone on the corner of Circle Knoll and Alcove.
  • Install an Advanced Stop Yield Line, with visible signage.

"Each year, over 100 children are killed in the U.S. as they make their way to and from school, and some 21,000 students are injured from incidents in school zones. The primary factor in these events is speeding. Unfortunately, two-thirds of drivers exceed the legal speed limit when passing through these zones."  Help us prevent Wood Ranch Elementary from becoming part these tragic statistic. 

Here is a link to an article published by America's School Zone Safety Partner with more information on making school zones safer for our children.

School Zone Traffic Calming Article

Please join our crusade to make a change in the safe street crossing of our precious children.  Change needs to happen BEFORE an accident occurs.  NOW is the time! 

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