Strathroy Indoor Pool

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Strathroy and area is lacking a year round indoor Aquatic Facility.

In 2012 the Town Council decided to spent  the 4 million dollars it received towards an indoor facility, on upgrades outdoor pool but that only has use during the summer months.  They are hesitant to even suggest this project again, unless we have a population of 50 000 .. (Currently 20 000).  I am suggesting we find out what would it take for an indoor aquatic facility.  (Aside from moving 30000 people into Strathroy)

Every community should have an indoor pool at their disposal to give everyone the tools to learn Water Safety, as well as the recreational and Health benefits of having Aqua therapy without having to travel to another community to do so. An Indoor Pool would draw residual income for the community as well ... Parents from in town and out of town could drop off kids for Lessons while they spent money in the community. The community would be more attractive to potential new home buyers if there is more recreational options year round. It has been mentioned that we use to have a movie theatre, Bowling alley and a Bingo Hall. What is available for recreation in Strathroy year around? Restaurants and Bars?  Nothing that promotes healthy activity year round.

Travelling to other communities to use their facilities takes money out of our community.

The London Free Press Mentions Unprecedented Growth...with all the new subdivisions being built (rumored to increase the population by 10 000) and with growth we should see improvements not just Status Qoe ... Give the kids something productive to do Year round.. Give the Seniors a place to stay active... Give the people who are injured a place to rehabilitate. Keep the community Healthy.   Winter months bring on cabin fever.Many would come from towns and rural communities nearby.

Other smaller communities in Ontario have indoor pools.

The closest community indoor pools are London, Petrolia, Forest (rumor is Forest Closed).  People who find traveling to these locations inconvenient would bring revenue to patronize the local establishments when visiting Strathroy to use an indoor pool.

Yes this will cost money,  most likely in the form of Taxes... Lets explore  all the possibilities to help the Naysayers from complaining too much of a tax increase.  Fund raising, corporate sponsorship, partnering with an organization like the YMCA? What would it take to get this project moving right now?

It seems that Ice skating arenas (in which we have 2 facilities) seem to be easier to find funding. I know hockey is a Canadian sport ... but not everyone plays.

I’m creative and motivated. And willing to work towards this project.

My Name is Brian Ripley

Former Lifeguard......  Currently Paramedic   

**Interested in Water Safety and Healthy community and Lifesaving