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Not to allow Furry Babies Store to continue selling puppies

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Having a store selling puppies in a mall leads to impulse buying of a puppy without research on breeds and care and requirements. Is a person buying on impulse aware of the financial commitment, that it is an ongoing thing? Usually not. And when someone buys a puppy on impulse, what happens when the puppy grows up and doesn't have that puppy cuteness or they just grow tired of it and the work that's involved in raising and training. That puppy/dog would wind up dumped or in a shelter, either way it would become homeless. Stress to the puppies being continually bothered by people and the confusion and stress to their situation. What about the harm it does to the canine development? When do those puppies get any fresh air and sunshine? Puppies need proper care- vet checks, training, no rough handling, exercise, time for their puppy naps, just to name a few! How much exercise are they able to get when constantly confined? What kind of harm is this doing to their social development?  And most important is that, are these puppies coming from puppy mills and are they given proper care? It is a sad day when a living breathing creature is bought just like a new shirt and a pair of pants. My fear is that they will be disposed of just as easily.                                                               P.S. Since posting this I have continued my research. What I am finding out is that the puppies ARE COMING FROM PUPPY MILLS! There have been numeruos reports of puppies being sold when they are sick, some of them died! This company does not have any real care of these babies, just the money! This kind of disregaurd for an animals wealfare makes me sick! Please help to put a stop to practices that line the pocket of people who benifit from the suffering and misery of dogs!

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