Save Stratford's Sidewalks

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Save Stratford’s Sidewalks!

 If you live in Stratford, Ontario you are at risk of losing your sidewalk.


We want the city to keep all current sidewalks in the city and return to the two sidewalk standard in residential areas.

We believe that Stratford needs to be an accessible city for those who do not use cars as their main mode of transportation. Accessibility is important and sidewalks make neighbourhoods more accessible for everyone. This is especially important for the safety and mobility of elders, children, and those with mobility issues or disabilities.

Sidewalks also created community, they allow us to interact with our neighbours, as well as visitors to your street. Without sidewalks we will isolate half of our residents.

Help us save Stratford's Sidewalks.


This petition is to have Stratford City Council change its City Policy in Section 4 of the 2016 Infrastructure Standards and Specifications manual.  In 2013 Stratford City Council quietly passed a policy that will change the face of Stratford. Sections 4.2 and 4.7 of the manual state that as roads are reconstructed in Stratford they will be widened to 8.5 m and will only have one sidewalk. See the full manual here

They made this change with no public consultation during a meeting of the Infrastructure, Transportation and Safety Committee meeting under the item line “5.1 Missing Sidewalks in the City Road Network.”  To view the minutes from this meeting follow this link and click on the first PDF

Ballantyne Ave. is slated to have its road reconstructed in the spring of 2018 and will lose one of its sidewalks. The residents have gone to City Council meetings with their concerns and feedback and have been continually ignored. Once this process begins there is currently no way to stop the City Council from removing a sidewalk or widening a road.

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