"Straight"/"White" Pride-- Help Pride March NYC See The Hate In "Intact America" Floats

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Unfortunately, NYC Pride Organizer Julian Sanjivan believes those do belong in Pride Events...so long as they don't apply to him personally.

Pride Parade NYC makes preparations for the annual Pride March nearly 1 year in advance. The time to reach them about discrimination in The March is NOW--not just in June.  This is an ongoing issue, and it's an ongoing issue for everyone, not just those residing in NY state. Reach out now.

Click here to view my experience with Pride Parade NYC organizers.  This document was censored, but it is now BACK ONLINE.

Pride March was originally founded in 1970 to commemorate the Stonewall riots, positively combating discrimination towards the LGBT community, and was integral in advancing the view of LGBT equal rights.  Later on, its meaning became broader, celebrating diversity altogether rather than just protesting for rights.  The NYC Pride March is the largest Pride March in the world.

There is reason to believe Pride Parade’s hospitality has been exploited.  It is a more tolerant time now than in the 70s, but the canonical point of Pride Parade remains:

to honor & celebrate minorities, providing them an affirming sanctum, as well as promoting positivity, acceptance, and in general not enabling tactics that were and are used to harm minorities.  It is safe to say that manipulative, misleading, scathing tactics similar to those used against minorities for decades is counter-intuitive in Pride Parade.

If you agree that manipulative, misleading, scathing tactics similar to those used against minorities make no sense in Pride Parade, please continue reading.

“Foreskin Pride” floats are a relatively recent addition to Pride Parade.  On the grounds of men who are not circumcised being a minority, the grounds of identity and declaring pride, and the grounds of raising awareness, they display messages pertaining to their opinion on male circumcision…

but these are fallacious grounds.   Average people - people who are not circumcised – are not any minority.  They comprise most of the world, making them, by definition, the very opposite.  It is estimated that less than 1/3 of the world’s males are circumcised.  On top of this, regardless of the practice of circumcision being prevalent in the US, circumcised males depending on age are already the numerical minority in some states, and the practice has consistently declined over the last decade.  “Foreskin” is not a consistent minority…and people with it unmodified, are not a consistent minority, either, neither globally nor nationally.  There is no “foreskin minority”, much less one comparable to the LGBT minority, or the circumcised minority.

You might be thinking, “Why is this discrepancy a problem?”, or, “How this is significant and not just a matter of being oversensitive?”

First, when the nature of the propaganda on these floats is taken into consideration, that corrosive mantras reading, “I had my son circumcised.  I regret being a mother” (shameful), “I didn’t ask for this [being circumcised]”, “You want cut of WHAT?”,  “Double the pleasure” (implying that all circumcised men experience half of what others experience, and also suggesting that people can simply “double their pleasure”—both misleading and unscientific generalizations, if not, antagonizing hyperbole),  are being imposed upon emotionally vulnerable and young individuals who have most likely already dealt with deprecation/bullying and its palpable harms (the Suicide Prevention Resource Center and Center of Disease Control show that LGBTQ+ youths have a significantly higher rate of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts than heterosexual youths), who attend Pride Parade seeking affirmation, or acceptance, or celebration, or positivity, it is inevitable that unnecessary emotional harm, inappropriate to Pride, is being inflicted.  These messages are unanimously known to rely on shock-value, and to be intentionally triggering and inflammatory, as acknowledged by the Executive Director of "Intact America".  That is exploitative of the gay male demographic, trans demographic, and everyone else represented at Pride Parade…except for anti-circumcision protesters, of course, who decided to use Pride Parade as a venue for their agenda, just like pediatric facilities, Jewish temples, and other establishments… 

...because we all know having a "gay friend" or "black friend" or "Jewish friend"  justifies everything we do and say, right?  

Second, when we remember what Pride Parade is about, and what it means to be a minority in this world, it is clear that people posing as individuals who have suffered forms of institutionalized discrimination or otherwise damaging hatred, to advertise their views, is a fundamental violation of what Pride Parade stands for.  Heterosexuals and people with average gender identities (the majority) attempting to promote “straight pride” in the face of Pride Parade are rightfully considered homophobic.  Caucasians (the majority) attempting to promote “white pride” in the face of Black History Month are rightfully considered racist.  There is no reason this should be pardoned on a smaller scale – people who are not circumcised claiming to be a minority – just because people have strong political stances.  Straights are not called “faggots”, Caucasians are not called “niggers”, and average, non-circumcised people are not called, “mutilated”, “sexually inadequate”, “maimed”, “botched”, “un-intact”, “violated”, “perverse” “circumfetishists”, and the list goes on, and on, and on.  "Intact America" and similar organizations even have no qualms with insinuating that circumcised men are collectively mentally unstable or violent, that they are all "botched", and that absolutely none of them have ever benefited from the procedure.  It is safe to say they, "Intact America", exploited the suicide of Jonathon Conte, who identified with them, using it as a pitch to promote this idea. Gee, I wonder why men presumed by hordes of people to be invariably "botched" both mentally and physically, while other men are hailed as effectively superior, would have suicidal inclinations? 

This is conjecture. It is more so common sense.  Remember-- Georganne states that the motives of people who dishearten "circumcisers" shouldn't be questioned.  If you continue reading, and view more screenshots, you will learn that "Intact America" puts circumcised men in this category, posting quotes like, "The worst thing about circumcision is that it creates circumcisers", on their social media.

Third, it is arguable that the organizations or groups powering these floats and marches display discriminatory/prejudiced behavior and views that shouldn’t be affiliated with gay Pride Parade.  “Intact America”, an organization powering some of these marches and floats, has consistently used and advocated for hate speech and/or demeaning language like that above in their social media posts, and even in-person protests.  Antisemitism is thoroughly documented.  Below are screenshots of these posts and protests providing context by showing how the propaganda of “Intact America” relies on shock-value, is exploitative of certain demographics, and tends towards grossly generalizing and misleading.  In these screenshots, “Intact America” propaganda is:

- berating circumcised men 
- calling circumcised men “circumcisers”
- calling circumcised men “violated”
- calling doctors and circumcised men “circumfetishists” 
- calling circumcision “chopping off the end [glans] of a man’s penis”
- comparing the acts of starving children, whipping children, having sex with children, burning children, and cutting off children’s ears, fingers and noses to male circumcision in hospitals 
- comparing being circumcised to being color blind
- comparing a circumcised man’ genitals to a “mutilated monster”
- comparing the sensation circumcised men experience to wearing four condoms 
- comparing a circumcised man’s genitals to a banana sliced to pieces and a deformed sausage
- stating that all men who do not complain of being circumcised are in denial  

Disagree?  Hopefully not, given the incredible provocations in those images and messages, but you cannot ignore, justify, or rationalize this:

“Intact America” has also made tributes to extremists-- "Intactivists of the Month"-- who are guilty of vicious harassment and making physical threats to innocent expecting/ new mothers, as well as circumcised men.  One example is Brother K—his behavior online is disturbing, both in his and his audience's not-so-subtle antisemitic remarks and endeavors.  His extremism is no less problematic than the organization ("Intact America") which commends him for it.  Mothers I have met due to my other petition have complained that new mothers "shouldn't be bullied and be pushed into postpartum depression" with regards to his harassing behavior.  Another example is James Lowen, who publicly endorses acts of physical violence/ assault on social media. Onision (Greg) is yet another example of their destructive allegiance, a Youtube content creator, who has been banned from the formal convention of the largest video sharing platform in the world due to his insensitivity towards rape victims.  He has accused people who eat meat of murder (I am a vegan myself, and his extremism is uneducated--along with those who encourage it). Multiple accusations of molest, domestic violence and even rape have allegedly been made against him. A news station (and the same news station which featured an anti-circumcision story about a mother comparing a piercing to clinical surgery, a mother who disobeyed custody court orders) regarded him as a "con artist".  He has participated in marketing scandals, where he would fabricate conflict between himself and other Youtube content creators for publicity.  His acts were even brought into a court of law, according to his own complaints.  All of this is so heavily documented online from so many accessible, branching sources that it would be extremely repetitive to doubt veracity; his erratic, volatile, vengeful reputation graciously precedes him, and that doesn't mean it doesn't matter.  

Greg says, in no uncertain terms, "A man who is not intact is literally less of a man".  This is actually one of the tamest posts he has made with regards to circumcision, suggesting that circumcised men have rape tendencies, that they're lecherous, and 'less-than' men.  Again, it's hardly rocket science that this would inspire very damaging feelings in certain people--namely those with suicidal inclinations already.

Not only does "Intact America" honor all these extremists, but readily excuses their behavior.  "Intact America" Executive Director Georganne Chappin, again, says, "We need to stop questioning the motives of those whose aim it is to make circumcisers feel bad," in no uncertain terms. Jeffrey Wood, recognized by "Intact America" similarly to so-called "Intactivists of the Month", said, "The worst thing about circumcision is that it creates circumcisers." Georganne also tends to degrade those with different perspectives, saying in response to counter-protesters, “Their existence confirms that we are winning.  Other than that, they are insignificant”.  Realize that this is how "Intact America" proudly represents itself, along with many similar organizations or groups which use the platform of Pride Parade.  Realize they see no error in how they treat people.

Should all this really be affiliated with Pride Parade, an event for diversity and acceptance?   

Are Pride Parade LGBTQ+ individuals, people who contribute to a statistically higher suicide rate, just "circumcisers" who deserve to be made to "feel bad", and are their existences “insignificant” when they stand up for themselves? 

If the young man Jonathon disagreed with you, Georganne, and then proceeded to kill himself, would his existence have been "insignificant" as well?

Do not 'clarify' for me, Georganne.  Nothing was taken out of context.  I know what you meant.  We know what you meant.  There is more than enough documentation of what you meant.  Actions speak far louder than words, and the words themselves, still, are abominable, yours and your associates'-- coming from a 20 year-old man with no mental illnesses.

According to her logic, the Executive Director of the largest anti-circumcision organization which advertises in Pride Parade, the LGBT community (which has always done its best to defy hatred) has always been "insignificant".  No words were put into her mouth; her commitments were simply observed. 

And even though Jonathon, once an avid anti-circumcision activist, might disagree with my criticisms if he were still here, I believe I am doing something important for him and his LGBT community's sake.  I rightfully believe a vulnerable individual was manipulated, and I rightfully believe that is dangerous in the Pride setting. 

Now, you might be wondering, “Is this censorship?”, or, “Aren’t the floats protected by freedom of speech/ expression?”

The answer is a definitive and resounding “No”.  Recognizing that “foreskin pride” floats in the forum of Pride Parade aren’t conducive on multiple levels is not censorship.  Recognizing that their messages are exploitative of a vulnerable demographic is not censorship.  Freedom of speech and expression do not protect blatant displays of slander, defamation, hate speech, or misinformation. These messages are misleading, damaging, arguably prejudiced, and the authors of these messages have plenty of platforms to express their views already that are more appropriate for the topic.  Pride Parade, an annual and very much sacred event where people should be free to be themselves without fear of being denounced or demoralized is no place for these messages.  If people want to protest institutions or ideas they do not like, then they should do so in pertinent areas instead of hijacking a cultural and crucial celebration…and clearly exploiting its highly gay male attendance.  

This may come as a shock to "Intact America" and similar organizations having latched onto Pride Parade, but gay men aren't 'promiscuous animals' with one thing on their mind, just like Jews aren't blood-crazed pedophiles

The 'activism' in this case is morally wrong and causes more strife than good.  Pride Parade – a place to feel proud—is not a place for radical anti-circumcision/ anti-circumcised penises advertisements, and not a place for intentionally or passive-aggressively discouraging gay and/or circumcised men.  This should be a no-brainer, but sadly, propaganda is a very powerful tool, and we've witnessed its use as a weapon throughout history.  Sometimes the lines blur and we forget how people should and should not be treated.  

"If we think this way, we will cannibalize ourselves, rather than keeping our focus on the real enemy," Georganne says. Oh, I believe we have forgotten who the real enemy here is, as gay and circumcised men affiliated with organizations which proudly declare it is their duty to make people "feel bad" , and which pump out propaganda denying both the mental and physical worth of circumcised men by calling them invariably "botched", by attributing the violence of society to their circumcision, by insinuating that their potential as men and humans has been lessened, by making assumptions about their genitals, commit suicide.

I also understand that this may be a lucrative opportunity for Pride Parade.  I hope that we can overcome that obstacle for the sake of those who expect more of Pride and what it means, and that the provided examples can be thoughtfully considered, free of any biases.

If you agree that "foreskin pride" can be equated with "straight pride" and "white pride" in the context of Pride Parade, and that anti-circumcision propaganda should not be part of Pride Parade for the reasons listed, please sign this petition.

What can we do in addition to promoting this petition?

Email correspondance with Julian Sanjivan, March Director, and my censored comments

Conversation with Pride March staff member
Voicemail to Chris Frederick, Managing Director
Voicemail to Amanda Younger, Event Manager 
Voicemail to David Correa, Event Manager
Voicemail to Eboni Munn, Communications Manager
Voicemail to Britton Hog, Director of Operations

Second Voicemail to Eboni Munn, Communications Manager
Second Voicemail to Britton Hog, Director of Operations
Second Vocemail to Amanda Younger, Event Manager
Second Voicemail to Chris Fredrick, Managing Director

(These are download links of local call recordings--most intelligible when listened to on mobile device with earbuds or headphones).

Here are the Pride NYC organizers’ public email addresses:

Executive Board

cochairs@nycpride.org – Co-Chairs David Studinski & Maryanne Roberto
mario@nycpride.org – Secretary Mario Longhi
maryanne@nycpride.org – Treasurer Maryanne Roberto Fine
tommy@nycpride.org – Stonewall 50 Director Tommy Hom
bruce@nycpride.org – Community Relations Director Bruce Patcher
jose@nycpride.org – Dance on the Pier Direction Jose Ramos
michele@nycpride.org – Development / Teaze Director Michele Irimia
harrison@nycpride.org – Human Resources Director Harisson Lugo
julian@nycpride.org – March Director Julian Sanjivan
james@nycpride.org – Media Director James Fallarino
lori@nycpride.org – PrideFest Director Lori Roberto Fine
stephen@nycpride.org – Rally Director Stephen Sheffer
sue@nycpride.org – Strategic Planning Director Sue Doster

Stonewall 50 Committee

chrisf@nycpride.org – Managing Director Chris Frederick
britton@nycpride.org – Director of Operations Britton Hogge
amanda@nycpride.org – Event Manager Amanda Younger
eboni@nycpride.org – Communications Manager Eboni Munn

Here is the Pride Parade NYC contact number:

212 – 807 – 7433 (Be mindful of your own area code).

What we can do is continue to reach the Pride Parade NYC organizers, express the matter at hand, and raise awareness. Julian Sanjivan eventually displayed a blatant disregard of the content of my emails and petitions, and proved incorrigible, but other Pride Parade NYC organizers may not be the same way. We are relying fully on the integrity and sincerity of these individuals. The only reason this may be a problem is because there is an extenuating conflict of whether this integrity exists or not.

If you decide to reach out, and are unsure of how to relay your concerns, I encourage you to refer to the exchanges I have had with organizers and staff members, in the screenshots and audio logs I have included earlier and will continue to update. This is a very new topic, and a forum for it to be properly discussed doesn’t seem to exist in Pride Parade NYC. We must create the forum. Bottom line: the organization “Intact America” as well as its propaganda are abusive of a global minority group, and should not be present in Pride March where, not only is tolerance the priority, but there is an audience of oppressed and vulnerable individuals, and the targeted minority group.