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Stop the 'conscience clause' bill

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MLA Paul Givan has pledged to introduce a 'conscience clause' which would effectively void parts of equality laws in allowing religious people to discriminate against people whose identities clash with their religion. 

“Equality is about ensuring that everybody in society is allowed to live out their lives," Givan said. So why, then, is he introducing a bill to void the equal rights of other people? First Minister Peter Robinson has backed this bill, stating that "[m]ore and more the balance is tipped against people of faith," but not, it seems, tipped against LGBT+ people in Northern Ireland and others whose identities may be "disagreeable" to people of faith.

People can be religious and support equality. Allowing this bill to pass will allow people to discriminate against people like the Northern Irish LGBT+ community. Givan's statement of “That’s not equality; that’s intolerance,” in regards to the response to the Asher's bakery case (a link to a news article on this can be found here) is disproved by his proposal of this bill - he is expressing intolerance by introducing a bill allowing people to be intolerant of others.

Please sign the petition to ban this so-called 'conscience clause' which will enable the discrimination of minorities across Northern Ireland.

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