CHANGE STORK CLUB BOOKING POLICIES -- Start treating bands fairly!

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There have been some misinterpretations of the goal of this petition before going on I would like to address a few of them:

**This petition is not calling for a boycott of the Stork Club, hurting a live music institution or attempting to put one out of business would be irresponsible, the goal here is to do the exact opposite and address a couple of the concerns raised by local musicians for years.

The best possible outcome would be to open up a mature dialogue between club owners and musicians and come to agreements that work in favor of everybody. Maybe to even someday bring back bands who have imposed their own personal boycott on the Stork.

If you have always had a positive experience with this venue that is great! Unfortunately there are many other bands who do not feel the same way and your support will go a long way in helping them be heard.

I understand there are so many other injustices happening in the music scene (and the world in general) that a 50 cent pabst and guest spot seem like a petty thing to fight for, but this is representative of the much larger problem of musicians being taken advantage of and having nobody listen to them when they try to speak up. People are willing to do just about anything for a chance to play their music in front of an audience and in turn businesses profit which is fine but there needs to be some kind of boundaries. 

--Thank you for your time and signing if you agree!


This petition is to raise awareness and demand a change in policy for the booking of live music performers at the Stork Club in Oakland Ca.

Local and touring bands deserve drink tickets and guests for each band who plays! Fair payment of earned money and openness about show earnings!

The current policy on the official Stork Club website states: 

"1. When all members of each band arrive & show a valid ID, and AFTER ten people have paid the admission charge to see your band you will be given two drink tickets per band member.  These drink tickets are good for 1 PBR bottle beer each or  ONE 'well' drink,  

2. Bands are entitled to one guest per band member*. You can give the door person the name(s) of people to be allowed in at no charge. 

3. The STORK CLUB  cannot  pay any guarantees. once the door cash is collected, $100 is taken out to pay sound tech & door security. any amount over that is all for the bands. it IS the best deal in town. The door person asks each guest what band they came to see and door money is allotted to the bands depending upon how many paid admissions they bring. 

This is the policy unless you have specifically worked out  another arrangement with the Booker & Bar Manager in ADVANCE."

 * Item 2 is misleading and should at least be corrected on their website, I spoke to Stork Club and bands are entitled to one guest per member AFTER ten people have paid admission.

(See the full policy here: )


1. This Is NOT the best deal in town. Local and touring musicians are a large part of why people visit (and drink at) the Stork Club and they AT LEAST deserve 1 drink ticket and guest per band member regardless of how many people say at the door who they are there to see.

Having played at many of the bar venues in the Bay Area this is the only club I have encountered which still operates with this backwards notion that giving a band a few drinks and allowing some extra people in will somehow ruin their business. If anything allowing guests into the venue for free only means more money in their pockets to spend at your bar! 

2. I spoke with an employee of Stork Club and they stated to me that after the $100 from the door is collected by the bar, the rest of the money goes to whoever booked the show. Whether or not this is the case I can not speculate but many of the musicians whom I have talked to over the years have NOT been paid at all despite bringing in more than the 20 people necessary to warrant paying bands. If this money is being pocketed by booking agents, the Stork Club should require them to make the door earnings of the night known to ALL bands after the show.


It's time the Bay Area music community stood up to unfair booking practices and let it be known that you are not doing us a favor by letting us perform. Live music is a give and take and all we are asking for is our share of earned money, a can of beer, and for you to let our moms feel important by "being on the list".

*** I would also like to mention one last time that the Stork Club is a small business and despite bad booking policies it is still a place which allows live music which is more important now than ever before. This petitions goal is to make the Stork Club a BETTER venue for everybody. 

Thank You.



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