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Stopping children from being sexually abused by educators

Too many children have suffered as victims of child sexual abuse at the hands of their teachers and school administrators. We send our children to school to learn -- not to be sexually abused. Child sexual abuse is ocurring at an alarming rate in our schools. This must end immediately. While we don't want innocent and good teachers to have to be penalized by going through annual background checks, five child sexual abuse cases in New York City in one month, the Miramonte School child abuse sex scandal in LA and the case against Naples, FL teacher Steven Noyes is too much. Child molestors choose to work near children so they can have the opportunity to groom them for child sexual abuse. We can no longer let our children be harmed by educators. We must insist that all educators and school administrators go through extensive background checks before being hired and extensive mandatory background checks on an annual basis. Let us protect our children rather than protect those who harm them and keep silent.

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  • Adopt extensive background checks for teachers and school administrators

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