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WTF Hormel?! Stop High-Speed Inspection at Pork Plants

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USDA recently moved forward with a flawed rule that changes the way chickens and turkeys are inspected in the poultry industry. Now the Agency wants to expand this inspection model to the pork industry, which could mean that hair, toenails and urine or dangerous diseases like septicemia and tuberculosis may go undetected and end up on your plate. 

Five plants in the U.S. are currently piloting the pork inspection program, three of which are owned by Hormel Foods, one of the largest pork producers in the U.S. Some USDA inspectors who are stationed in these pilot plants have informed the Food Integrity Campaign about the dangers of moving forward with this high-speed inspection plan. Sign the petition to tell Hormel that you think this is a bad idea.

Under the model, processing lines are sped up, posing health risks to both consumers and workers. Company employees take over the inspection duties of USDA inspectors, and don’t receive the same training as federal inspectors. This means they aren’t as skilled in finding defects or contamination on pigs. 

Line speeds in these pilot plants run nearly 20% faster than plants operating under traditional inspection. Quicker speeds make it even more difficult for plant employees and USDA inspectors to detect contamination on carcasses.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has already studied the new model and has warned about food and worker safety concerns. This study leaves little doubt that public health will be at risk if this model expands in the pork industry. 

We urge you to stand with the Food Integrity Campaign in asking Hormel to admit this plan is a bad idea and return to the safer model of traditional inspection. 

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