Stop YouTube & Facebook Hate Speeches of "Yoni Magna" against the people of Tigray

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The person named Yonas Muluneh (or Yoni Magna as he is known in social media) lives in USA and is a either US citizen of Ethiopian origin or has permanent residence. He is preparing and spreading racist YouTube videos and Facebook presentations against the 6 million indigenous people of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia. According to Ethiopian laws, double citizenship is not allowed and he is involving himself in Ethiopian political sphere with extremest views taking side with certain Ethiopian political actors, who are holding power locally after change of Government since 2 April 2018.

His YouTube channel  "ዮኒ ማኛ Yoni Magna" ( and Facebook page ( are full of racist and hate filled clips and videos. Ethiopia has its own political complications and this person is spreading fascistic stands calling on the masses of the Amhara and Oromo people to stand against the minority people of Tigrayans. This person should be stopped by all means since he is misusing social media to instigate hate-filled political conflict and at the same time using his hate filled speeches to earn good amounts from his YouTube clips due to the large number of his viewers.