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Stop!!!!! You tube from allowing people to post their Homemade animal Abusing and Killing Videos!

You-Tube has allowed for videos of puppies, dogs, kittens, cats and other animals being Abused and Executed in the most hanous ways, the mind cannot even acknowledge. These animals are brutalized to the extreme for the mere pleasure and fact that they can post them on You-Tube. Many have viewed in horror and disbelife that any human could do such things. You-Tube needs to ban any videos that are affiliated with this blatent act of violence. I have witness on these videos animals used only to make a video, a little puppy getting slammed on the pavement by a boy with his brother and mother adding to the pups misery by also having the boy put and light fire crackers in his little nose. This is and should be Unacceptable. These acts have inspired others to do the same in other countries after viewing such acts on You-tube. Think about the hot oil that gets poured on a dog, this takes place everywhere now but in my oppinion this started in Greece. We need to Stop these atrocities by Stopping You-Tube!!  Please Sign and Share. Tell You-Tube what you Think!!

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The President of the United States
We are asking for the Ban of all violent acts of cruelty committed on commpannion animals, These animals are tortured beyond extreme for the pleasure of posting them on You-Tube. These animals consist of dogs, cats, bunnies young and old.These acts are not acceptable in any way shape or form. These animals are burned alive, beaten with a rock or stick, stomped on, stabbed, drowned and tortured in ways that the mind cannot comprehend. These acts of violence are done only to post on You-Tube. Why should these animals suffer to make a video? Please consider and make this happen Ban these type Videos on You-Tube. If proof is what you are looking for you only need to look and you will find. You will not like what you see! Thank You for your time. Karen Fabregas

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