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Stop Yelp's Review Filter and TAKE Away Their Power To Hurt Small Businesses For Good

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 Yelp has become one of the most popular review websites for consumers and many businesses are suffering from falling profits and dwindling new customer numbers all because of how their establishment appears on the review site. Manipulation of reviews has become a consistent allegation from business owners from coast to coast! We are demanding from Yelp "Give the power back to the business owner and stop abusing the position of being the website that houses the reviews. Claiming it's an algorithm to ensure more authentic reviews, we have seen more legitimate reviews go into the hidden filtered section of the listing if they are 4 or 5 stars, more frequently than not 1,2 and 3 star reviews typically get showcased without a hitch.
There are 3 main issues we look to resolve by implementing this petition .
First, normal consumers need to really understand why Yelp is not what it claims and how it bamboozles business owners hurting financially to pay for advertising in order to gain more new customers. So getting the word out and educating the normal Yelp user on Yelp's business practices and to have more people question the trustworthiness of Yelp as a facilitator for local products or services.
Second is to Force Yelp to STOP review manipulation of businesses listings.  Business reviews have become a sort of commodity on Yelp. It is not fair having that power of adding or subtracting reviews to bully business owners. The allegations are widespread when it comes to various review tampering tactics.
 Here are the top 3 :
      1.  The filtered "hidden reviews" by Yelp's strange algorithm
      2 .The manipulation of reviews to obtain and retain more advertising dollars from businesses.
     3. The use of review bartering for services from businesses for Yelp Functions.

  Now the third change we would like to see from Yelp is to go from currently zero advocacy for the owner and their inability to edit alter or delete their own listing. Yelp should begin providing technical support to the business owner to have false negative reviews, false listings with misinformation submitted for removal Many business listing's can misdirect, confuse or stop consumers from using a business by wrong addresses or phone numbers or inaccurate images uploaded to the listing. Business owners have very little control over the content on Yelp even incorrect address information.  Yelp simply doesn't want to speak to any business owner unless it is about advertising .

We are demanding Yelp stop tampering with reviews and claiming it's an algorithm.  
Funny, have you ever thought about the  name Yelp? Isn't a sound a dog makes when you kick it! Think why did they name themselves Yelp?

We want CHANGE !
Yelp claims REAL and AUTHENTIC reviews and reviewers.
 Bullies? Extortioners? Review Manipulators?
We just want to give the power back to the small business owner and end the leverage Yelp has over them!!!

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