Stop Wyoming Legislators from Cutting Grants that Keep Schools Safe

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THIS IS NOT A PETITION FOR GUN CONTROL.  We are students concerned for the safety of students. Our legislature provides our schools with block grants that contain flexible dollars that are used to fund positions like student resource officers.  Every day these officers work hard to keep our schools a welcoming and safe environment, and are trained in how to respond in the event of a crisis. In Fremont County School District #25 we are short on SROs anyway.  If any more of these block grants are cut, we will lose these SRO positions all together.  We know that our population is small and we have a low amount of representatives, but we believe that as students and a community we have the power to inspire serious changes to be started in communities like ours and spread across the nation. This petition will be directly sent to our legislatures. We will be taking this petition with us to Cheyenne on March 5th and will be speaking in front of the Legislative Education Committee Members, and the Wyoming State Senate and House of Representatives. Please sign and let your voice be heard. We have heard countless leaders say that students are the future, well, the future is now.