Stop World War 3 - by making politicians to take part in the military!

Stop World War 3 - by making politicians to take part in the military!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Vejune S.

I am the mother of three, becoming very concerned what is going around and how we are being pushed to World War III without being asked. I do not understand why my family and other innocent people have to experience this because politicians are not able to do their job properly and don't understand how it is going to affect us all globally. Or they do understand but do not care because it is not going to touch them directly? 

I am calling out to all people worldwide to sign this petition and make our politicians to answer IMMEDIATLY for their failure to provide internal and external safety for their citizens. 

We need a law worldwide that all POLITICIANS SHOULD TAKE PART IN THE MILITARY and stand in the first row of army fighting for their people!

There is a very SIMPLE SOLUTION to STOP WARS or at least to minimise the number. Sign this petition! Make politicians think! Make them feel the same as you feel - unsafe and worried about your family and innocent people! Make the politicians do their job properly!

Maybe then, instead of "pushing" their citizens to fight for their beliefs, when politicians are watching it from a safe distance - they will start to do what they should do? Maybe then, they will think more about the necessity to open the fire or provoke other countries to start a war? Maybe then, politicians will be able to find a diplomatic way to resolve the disagreements?

By signing this petition you agree that our politicians are not doing enough and changes in law are required immediately.

By signing this petition you agree that politicians should take more responsibility and in a case of war or taking any participation in war (by words, by actions, by provoking, by supporting other war in any way and etc.) should stand in first row of their army fighting for their beliefs and their people. No exemption for age, sex, family status, medical condition and etc. If politicians are fit to make important decisions then they should be fit to fight for it.


@This petition is written in a simple English language that is not my native and grammar mistakes are more likely to happen. but the point of my view is fully understandable and it does not give a right for politicians to misinterpret it.

*More likely politicians will try to ignore this petition saying it is non sense and who is going to rule the country after their death in a war zone. But do we really need politicians that are not able to do their job properly? Everyone in life has to answer for their actions and politicians are not an exemption.







92 have signed. Let’s get to 100!