Stop Woolworths Building in Rosanna

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Rosanna Library - Hostage to a Partnership? Update

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Stop the current plans for Woolworths building and operating at 44 Turnham Ave, Rosanna (opp Rosanna train station).

 In Summary; As residents, amenity users and traders of Rosanna, we appreciate it's local character, amenities and parklands.  Adding such a large supermarket to this setting is completely out of character. It will be the trigger that changes our locality from small, community based attractions to a larger commercial zone.  We have no lack of these larger commercial zones in Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Greensborough so let's keep Rosanna a village. 

Special Notes: 1. The site is under current ownership of (and occupied by) Banyule City Council (subject to sale) and we seek to challenge Banyule as the Planning Authority, where there is a conflict of interest in their being both the owner / seller of the site and the Planning Authority for any planning permit (and previous rezoning to Commercial 1 zone for the purpose of selling). 

2. This petition will also serve as an objection against the planning application P1260/2015.  See the full proposal: Woolworths Planning Application P1260/2015.  (Plans available at this link until 23rd May, 2016). Please also take the opportunity to submit an objection of your own.

 In detail; reasons this proposal should be rejected in it's entirety:

Traffic Congestion - The location being in a residential area with limited access to main roads.  The main road connection (Lower Plenty Road) is already a chaotic traffic hazard.  There are 3 sets of lights, level crossing,.  The increase in traffic will require that the exit from Turnham Ave to Lower Plenty Road to increase the time and frequency of the traffic lights. This in turn, will back up traffic in Lower Plenty Road and increase the frustration of trying to turn into Lower Plenty Road from other side streets (which is already difficult).

Parking Ratio - The parking is proposed to be provided at a ratio of 3.18 spaces per 100m2 of floorspace.  In perspective, the nearby Heidelberg store has a ratio of approx 7 spaces per 100m2 floorspace. The planning scheme requires 5 spaces per 100m2. This is a reduction of 50 spaces from the planning scheme requirement.

Parking & Commuters - Rosanna station's parking is completely full by 8.15am each morning. However, with supermarket opening times at 7am, it is most likely store staff will be directed to use the railway parking which will reduce availability of the already overflowing 163 spaces (off Turnham Ave) by up to 25% (estimate)

Parking for Heidelberg Theatre, Library & Childcare - The limited number of parking spaces available on the street will be competitively sought by the supermarket users.  (These spaces are closest to the entrance and without needing to go via Douglas st to the underground carpark.)  The proposal seeks to make use of all the on street spaces (and rear library parking) to increase the parking ratio as a persuading factor. The theatre's many older patrons will be forced to walk from further away, as the current parking at council offices is lost and street parking hard to come by.
Local Parklands - A built up area in this location will put pressure on the Rosanna Parklands and local wildlife.  This proposal includes a liquor outlet (late opening), being directly outside the station and almost opposite the parklands.  This is likely to attract evening activities of detrimental proportions to the wildlife.  Along with a likelihood of rubbish, glass etc.  (TBC)  Nowhere else in Banyule is there a "Conservation" zone in direct conflict with a "Commercial 1" zone.

Trucks and Local Residents - This supermarket will attract more large trucks along the already infamous and dangerous Rosanna Rd.  The most straight forward access to the site, would be a right turn from Rosanna Road into either Douglas st (stores access point) or into Station Road.  Both these streets are almost totally residential. Opening hours from 7am to midnight (deliveries to 10pm) would drastically increase traffic and noise in these residential streets.

Local Character - This supermarket (larger than nearby Heidelberg Woolworths) has no place in "Rosanna Village".  There are no other businesses of this proportion located in the area. It will be the trigger that changes our locality from small, community based attractions to a larger commercial zone.  We have no lack of these larger commercial zones in Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Greensborough so let's keep our Rosanna a village.

Potential loss of small business - Some of Rosanna's local traders are likely to be forced out of business - this would not be "competition" but a pushing out of existing small business in favour of a singular large business.

In conclusion:
Where is Rosanna resident's engagement through early communication, and in particular through the local councillors who are supposed to advocate for our community.  Unfortunately the truth seems to be that our councillors have deserted us (both physically and metaphorically) in favour of their "Emerald City" of Greensborough.

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Hillside Road, Rosanna. 

Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) rejected funding for the Hillside road continuation. Local campaigning along with the LXRA decision, pressured Banyule Council to remove the Hillside road connection (to Turnham Ave) from their final designs of Rosanna Urban Design Guidelines.

Rosanna Library

Through continual pressure and publicity over the Rosanna Library in 2017, council has since funded a rejuvenation of the library in the following budget. We have a reprieve for the future of our library.

The site at 44 Turnham Ave has not been developed by Woolworths at this point in time and far from the claimed rejuvenation of Rosanna Village, it has become an almost derelict site….save for the thriving trees and birdlife… and we await their fate.