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I am a Canadian Citizen and I am pleading that my husband not be deported on February 26, 2020 so his Humanitarian and Compassionate application may be reviewed.

When I met Wilson Cordero Suarez, his generous, hard working and loving soul captured my heart. We both knew we had met each other’s soul mates and soon began to talk, plan and dream about our wedding day. 

Wilson’s deportation means we will have to put all of our dreams as well as our relationship on hold, the life we have started to build together will be destroyed. 

Wilson is employed full-time, pays taxes, has no criminal record, absolutely loves this country and has been more than compliant throughout this entire experience.

Wilson along with his mother Martha and his younger brother Andres fled Colombia after being persecuted and threatened by a member of a guerrilla group. Wilson, his mother and brother traveled to the United States and on March 6, 2016 presented themselves at the border office of Canada in Buffalo NY to claim refuge. Unfortunately the border officer told them they were denied refugee status in Canada because of the SAFE THIRD COUNTRY AGREEMENT treaty between Canada and the United States. Since they did not have any family members in Canada to comply with the treaty exception, they were unable to submit a formal request to claim refugee status in Canada.

Wilson and his family were devastated by this response; they were then forced to sign an exclusion document which denied them of seeking asylum and entrance to Canada for twelve months. After signing this document they were handed over to the U.S border police and because their passports were still legal and valid for six months they were allowed to remain in the United States.

Wilson and his family entered Canada through Newport Vermont, and were captured by the border police in the Stanstead district of Saint Francois of the province of Quebec on July 10, 2016. They were interrogated and imprisoned in the prison of Laval from July 10 to July 19 due to having crossed the border after four months rather than the twelve months stated in the exclusion document they were forced to sign. They were set free after two hearings and a $5,000 bail paid by Martha's partner, Jose.

After being released, they were only given the right to submit an application called PRRA, which was presented on August 9, 2016 and denied on November 16, 2016. On January 31, 2017 they filed an appeal to the PRRA but once again it was denied in April 18, 2017. 

They found themselves battling in court to stay in Canada and appeal their case eventually the case was discarded and they were given an eighteen month probation, community service hours, each a $500 fine and no criminal record for having disobeyed the exclusion they signed.

By then Martha’s partner, Jose had become her common law thus her and Andres were able to obtain permanent residency in Canada via his sponsorship. Sadly because Wilson was over the age of twenty two, he could not be covered by Jose’s sponsorship application as a result he submitted a Humanitarian and Compassion application on May 31, 2018.

The Humanitarian and Compassionste application takes thirty one months to complete and does not stop deportation. It has been nineteen months since Wilson applied. On December 2019 we received an order to have my husband removed from Canada, we met with an immigration officer January 15,  2020 and Wilson was given thirty days to leave the country.

Wilson and his family have fought to stay in Canada and we continue to fight. We pray every day for a miracle to happen so that we can all remain together as a family. Wilson and his family did everything they did in order to have a better life and flee the danger in which they found themselves in. I cordially ask you to please help us request that Wilson’s deportation be stopped so his case may be reviewed. Please help us remain a family, please help our Canadian dream come true. THANK YOU FOR READING AND THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.


Family Cordero Alvarez

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