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Stop Westboro Baptist from their HATE CRIMES against the American People!

Westboro Baptist Church members are NOT exercising Freedom of Speech - they are performing an act of TREASON! THIS IS ALSO A HATE CRIME! Treason is when one betrays their country. When they picket our servicemen and servicewomen's funerals, they are betraying them. Now they want to picket the funerals of the Sandy Hook Elementary victims! THEY MUST BE STOPPED! They should get the maximum penalty of Life in Prison.

These people need to be stopped! The governement needs to make it so that they can stop their hateful protests against Americans.

ARE YOU SICK OF SEEING THEM AND HEARING ABOUT THEM?  Then let us unite as a nation and stop them for good!

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The members of Westboro Baptist Church need to be charged with TREASON! Americans are sick and tired of hearing they are exercising their Freedom of Speech. This is a HATE CRIME!! This is TREASON! THIS IS A HATE CRIME against the American People. Treason is the act of betraying ones country.
We are already tired of seeing them at our military funerals in protest. But, after hearing they will be picketing the funerals of those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting is the last straw.
If they come out and attempt to do this, please have them arrested and charged with the maximum penalty allowed - LIFE IN PRISON!
They are not a church, they are a cult! Their hatefulness must come to an end so it can stop hurting families who lost a loved one.

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