Stop Weedkiller companies from demonising the humble and helpful Dandelion.

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Enough is enough! Stop weedkillers like Roundup and Weedol from demonising the beautiful and tremendously versatile flower plant - the Dandelion.

The flowers of this plant provide a  huge beneficial impact on bees and insects in early Spring when food elsewhere is scarce for them. Birds like Goldfinches particularly love dining enthusiastically on the unopened seedheads. A fully grown Dandelion plant hosts tiny insects, larvae and nymphs of insects. It is almost a micro-ecosystem on its own!

It is good not just for the birds and bees. This gorgeous plant looks beautiful and has dozens of health benefits. As humans our relationship with this plant can be traced back for centuries. We used every part of the plant - the root, the leaves and the flowers. Dandelions are rich in antioxidants and calcium. They have been used by human beings for treatments for everything from damage to the skin and liver to urinary tract infections and also for treating dreadful diseases like scurvy.  The plant is a medicinal treasure trove.

May people do not know that It is an important, abundant and nutritious food source too. The number of recipes from pancakes to wine, from salads to tea and tonics are just incredible. In the UK, we source food and medicine from all over the world (food miles) when such a nutritious plant exists right in our back gardens. Instead of honouring this plant for its benefits, we are encouraged to spray nasty harmful chemicals and destroy it. We should all recognise how to regularly harvest the plant rather than spray chemicals and destroy it.

Both adults and children love the plant. Without the negative media and commercials, most people would feel happy when they see a lawn full of Dandelion flowers. It is natural to feel happy seeing bright yellow flowers on a sunny day with bees hovering around them. Children like playing with seedheads and flowers.

However, commercial weed killer companies who aim only for profits and have no wisdom or respect for the natural flora and fauna of our country have been responsible for creating a false and negative opinion that when people see a lawn full of Dandelion flowers instead of feeling happy they are made to feel embarrassed and clear the grass off all the Dandelions. These commercials make us feel these plants are supposed to be destroyed. Stop using computer graphics to portray the Dandelion in commercials as a terrible invasive demon. That is only a one-sided view aimed at making profits for the pesticide companies.

Together let us beat this negative and false opinion. Let us help build and promote a society where we respect and appreciate plants with flowers, roots and leaves which are helpful and beneficial to us and to wildlife.

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