STOP - We Can Do Better For All Saratoga

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We ask Saratoga City Council to put on September 5, 2018 agenda a review of March 2017 decision to install a Stop Sign on California State Route 9 major arterial road at 4th Street.  CA State Route 9 carries 11,000+ daily vehicles at peak versus 200 left turn cars out of 4th Street.  Pedestrian counts are 18 per day.  Perhaps this was an improperly balanced decision, is there a better solution to improve safety?    

The Stop Sign has caused traffic congestion and significant backups on a major arterial road.  More than 22 cars are stopped in long queues.  One citizen counted 86 cars stopped last week in the morning.  Emergency vehicles cannot flow safely.  

Can we address neighborhood safety concerns without choking traffic on a major collector road?  Can we consider incremental alternatives to improve safety without causing backups?  What about pedestrian activated lighted crosswalk, solar speed radar sign, remove planter boxes or add a traffic circle, rumble strips?  Blinking crosswalk lights are FAR more visible from a greater distance than a stop sign, especially at night.  A four way stop will not alert drivers to crossing pedestrians at night.   

The maximum delay for 4th Street traffic is only 17.6 seconds to turn left onto CA State Route 9 - well below delay criterion required for All Way Stop by California Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).   The intersection is wide open without noticeable issues (click link to see video).        

Here's input from a 4th Street neighbor:   As someone who routinely comes down 4th street to make a left turn on Big Basin, i.e. someone who would benefit by having the stop sign, I think it is a very bad idea. Yeah, it would make my left turn easier, but it's not that hard to do, and the impacts on traffic in the Village would be bad.