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Stop Wasting Taxpayer Money on Cruel Wild Horse Roundups

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Around 40,000 horses are being held in government holding facilities at a cost of about $37 million a year. In addition, the government is losing at least $123 million a year (and by some estimates, as much as $500 million a year) to welfare livestock. In other words, letting private cattle herds graze on taxpayer-supported public lands for next to nothing.

The Bureau of Land Management hasn't shown any interest in pursuing responsible and humane wild horse management programs. Not only did they reject a proposal from Madeleine Pickens and the Saving America's Mustangs foundation that would save about $2,000 per horse per year (in addition to keeping the horses on their natural habitat instead of shipping them a thousand miles away to substandard warehousing facilities), but they've also been dragging their feet on a contraceptive program developed with the Humane Society of the United States, which would help control population while keeping horses on the range.

On January 24th, Congressman Dan Burton addressed the House Representatives about the BLM's wasteful spending: "This is another bureaucratic nightmare that we in this Congress should not — and I don’t believe will — put up with. And I’m going to ask the Appropriations Committee to cut the budget of the Bureau of Land Management because they’re wasting the taxpayers’ money by millions and millions and maybe hundreds of millions of dollars."

The Bureau of Land Management needs to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on their inefficient, inhumane wild horse program. Tell the House Appropriations Committee that you agree with Rep. Burton's request to cut the BLM's budget.

Update: The House has approved a $2 million funding cut to "send a very strong message" to the BLM that it has to reform its wild horse and burro programs. The petition is now targeting your Senators, urging them to pass the Burton Amendment to cut BLM funding.

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